Daily Quote

Combined Effort

There are few great tasks, which can be accomplished by individuals single-handedly. Only the talents of several individuals combined can achieve any substantial work. But people will only be able to work together if they are patient and tender-hearted in their outlook.

Flowers and Thorns

It is a fact of psychology that no single person can be an amalgam of all good qualities. It is no simple matter to label a person wholly good or wholly bad. If there is to be harmony within a community, the bad sides of its members must be tolerated, while their good sides are appreciated. If we want to pluck flowers, we have also to bear the thorns that come with them. There is no way that one who cannot put up with thorns will be able to possess the flowers of this life.

Character Builds the Nation

It is temperament that plays the most crucial role in the making of a nation. A character that can be depended upon through thick and thin is what in the long run builds a nation.

A Practical Solution

Every human being is born with an ego. More often than not, that ego is dormant. It is better to leave it sleeping, for the ego can be like a snake which, when aroused, will harm all within its reach.

The Will to Unite

The feelings of love which cement family life can be brought into being in social life through conscious deliberations. Unity can spring from a human awakening to its ultimate necessity. Where family life is governed by the heart, social life is governed by the will. There is nothing that cannot be endured for the sake of unity, provided there is the will to achieve it.

The Psychology of Success

The conviction that one’s goals are worthwhile, the observation of discipline with no contradiction between words and thoughts, cool thinking even in times of crisis—all these are qualities of mind and heart which determine success and obviate failure in the wider field of life.

The Human Will

In the face of adversity man’s hidden capacities come to the fore and it is possible for him to reach undreamt of heights. But first and foremost, there has to be the will to do so.

On Complacency

Complacency and a sense of comfort can be even greater vitiating factors in man’s progress through life than devastation and despair.