Islam and Science

The Modern Science of Theology

Modern Theological science is a substantiation of religious dogmas with due regard for contemporary intellect; or a presenta¬tion of Islamic teachings according to modern rational methods. First of all, we must ascertain exactly what this contemporary intel¬lect is. Contemporary intellect is synonymous with scientific intel¬lect, or that intellect which emphasizes the importance of the essen¬tial nature of things. The scientific revolution has had a profound effect on human thought.

Science was Born out of Islamic Revolution

One of the consequences of the intellectual revolution based on monotheism was that man began to look at nature as a powerless creature, and that man had the right to investigate it and bring it to his service. The beginning of this tendency came from the Umayyad period (661-750) in Damascus. To ancient Greek philosophers alchemy was the name of a craze to turn silver into gold. KhaIid bin Yazid bin Muawiya is probably the first person who attempted to develop alchemy into physical science.

Science Updated

Robert Boyle (1627-1691), devoted himself entirely to the study of science, and, in time, became a scientist of repute in London. But his studies did not distance him from religion. They had the effect rather of bringing him closer to it, and, in his later years, he became a staunch and zealous protestant Christian. He did not marry and could, therefore, devote his entire life and earnings to the propagation of the Christian faith.