Spirituality in Islam

Can Spirituality based on Meditation lead to Reality?

Another school of spirituality that has gained popularity is that derived from Vedanta or Hindu philosophy, in which spirituality is generally taken as something that is opposed to worldliness. According to this school of spirituality, people usually assume that the farther they move from material and worldly things, the more spiritual they become.

Can Monistic form of Spirituality lead to Reality?

Another concept of spiritualism is produced under the influence of the philosophy of monism. Monism posits the totality of a single reality, with all the diverse phenomena of the natural world seen as different manifestations of the same reality. According to this concept, therefore, there is no real difference between the Creator and the creature. Thus as per the monistic concept, a personalized God does not exist. God is like a vague spirit such as gravity or cosmic rays and all forms of existence are, in actual fact, manifestations of the same source.