Spirituality in Islam

Can Man-Oriented Spirituality lead to Reality?

This concept of spirituality is explained by the concept of an “indwelling God” given by Pandu Rang Shashtri, founder of the Swadhyaye Movement. According to this, reality is within us and we can receive spiritual nourishment by establishing contact with our own inner personality. This concept has been explained by Acharya Rajneesh in his book, “Kundalini Andar Base.” In this system, man’s inner existence is akin to a mysterious ocean, which remains, under normal circumstances, undiscovered for man.

In Search of Reality through Spirituality

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, spiritualism is the philosophy of higher reality, which has been variously defined by different philosophers in such terms as “immaterial reality.” “A universal mind”, “a supreme being”, “a spiritual cosmic force”, “an infinite personal God”, etc. Spirituality is an elevated state of intellectual awakening. It is a higher level of consciousness. Our world is, in fact, a dual world – a world of ‘material things’ and a world of ‘inner meanings’.

Art of Deconditioning

According to the German philosopher, Nietzsche, the secret of bringing a developed man into existence lay in self-thinking. But in my opinion, that is a half-truth. The whole truth is that the secret of producing a developed man lies in anti-self thinking. The reason for this is that everyone lives in some society or the other. This society continually exercises formative influences on his mind, until finally his thinking becomes totally conditioned by those influences.

Art of Conversion

Man is an intellectual being. He is endowed with a mind, which is his greatest faculty. It is only the possession of this mind and his independent thinking, which distinguish him from the animals. Real spirituality is that which has the power to address our minds. Any kind of spirituality attained at a level lesser than that of our minds is not true spirituality. All forms of ecstasy are just reduced forms of spirituality.