Contemplative Spirituality

Spirituality is generally taken as something that is opposed to worldliness. People usually assume that the farther they move from material and worldly things, the more spiritual they become. This is the sole reason why human beings run away from cities and towns to jungles and mountains, leaving behind their homes and their material lives.

What is Spirituality?

Man has two facets to his personality - body and soul. Both need sustenance for their health and progress. Material things such as food and water sustain the body. If anyone is deprived of food and water for several days, his or her physical health will suffer. If such deprivation continues over a long period of time, he or she will be starved to death. The same is true of the soul. I believe that Spirituality is man’s spiritual food for the soul. It boosts man’s inner personality to reengineer one’s minds towards positive thinking that is a guarantee of man’s spiritual life.

Man’s Spiritual Quest

It was Thursday morning, 17th June 1999. I was in Manchester, England, staying in the house of an Arab Brother Alaref Ahmad. While I was sitting in my room on the upper floor, I heard a gentle knock on the door. When I opened it, I found a child of about five years of age. It was Qanita, the first-born daughter of Brother Alaref. She asked in all innocence and gentleness, “Do you need anything?” (turidu haja).