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At the time of the Prophet of Islam, there were certain people in Madinah who talked of the truth, yet they did nothing for its sake and used beautiful words to cover up their misdeeds. Exposing these people, the Quran says in chapter three: “Those who exult in their misdeeds and love to be praised for what they have not done should not suppose that they are secure from punishment; they shall suffer a grievous punishment.” (The Quran, 3:188)


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Quranic Wisdom 

During the time of the Prophet of Islam, two battles took place in Arabia—Badr (624 AD) and Uhud (625 AD). In the Battle of Badr, the Prophet and his Companions were the winners but, in the Battle of Uhud, they were defeated by their opponents. After the defeat at Uhud, some Muslims fell into despair. They said: “We were following the true path, so why did we suffer a defeat at the hands of those who had adopted falsehood in their lives?” At that time, God Almighty revealed the following verse in the Quran: