In the book, Re-Planning of the Islamic Mission in Modern Times, the author Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that life is replete with unfavorable situations. Successful is one who is able to discover favorable opportunities from unfavorable experiences and re-plan his course of action by accepting his mistakes and learning from them, to wring success out of failure. Re-planning can be called planning plus. Re-planning means adding experiences to previous planning and planning one’s actions anew in the light of new information. With this method, it becomes possible to achieve one’s goal in a better way which could not be achieved in the first instance. The Muslim Ummah needs to re-plan for the re-emergence of Islamic mission in modern times. They need to become positive thinkers of a high degree. Then they can discover the modern age as an age supportive to Islam and avail of the opportunities presented by the age for the purpose of dawah.


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