The Quran has been preserved for all eternity. As it the word of God, the Divine Being, who is the Lord to all of us, it is a book for all human beings. The study of the Quran tells us that the actual target of the Quran is to change the thinking of the individual. The Quran addresses mankind directly to tell him of God’s scheme for human existence. It informs us of the Creation Plan of God for mankind. In effect, it tells mankind the purpose of his life: that man is placed on this earth for the purpose of being tested. The freedom he has here has not been given him as a matter of right, but as a means to allow him to prove his moral fibre. It is the outcome of this test which will ultimately decide man’s eternal fate. It is asserted in the Quran that human beings are eternal creatures, yet only an infinitesimal part of their lifespan has been assigned to the present world, while the remainder has been ordained for the Hereafter.