If you read the Quran, you will find that it gives wisdom on all of the subjects relating to human beings. But the basic theme of the Quran is the creation plan of God. God Almighty created the universe, and it is God Almighty who revealed this book which is called Al-Quran. The primary purpose of the Quran is to reveal the divine plan according to which the world was created, and people were settled in it. According to the Quran, a person’s life has been divided into two phases: the pre-death period and the post-death period. The present life is only temporary and is meant as a test. Depending upon our performance in this test, we shall be judged in the eternal life after death. The Quran aims to make us aware of this reality and help us to lead our lives in this world in such a way that we are rewarded with Paradise in the life Hereafter.

The Quran, further, tries to build that kind of mind which is able to manage all the affairs of life on the basis of spirituality. The book helps readers derive universal principles from the Quranic verses and apply them to effectively manage life’s problems and concentrate on high goals.

Life is full of differences. The way of wisdom is not to let differences reach the stage of confrontation. If differences reach confrontation, then it would necessarily lead to violence. Moreover, when violence erupts, always that party suffers, which is the weaker of the two. So the option before the weak party is not to let differences turn into a confrontation. If we allow differences to culminate into confrontation, then complaining afterward will be of no avail. Complaining will not help in achieving anything.

There is a fundamental principle that has been given in the Quran in these words: As-sulhu khair. (4:128). That is, “Reconciliation is the best.” The opposite of this principle is that confrontation is the worst. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from unwanted results, then adopt the policy of reconciliation. Once confrontation begins, complaints and protests will never work.

The Quran is replete with wisdom to guide man through this life to the Hereafter.



According to the Quran, man must be like a good tree. A good tree is a natural analogy for a good man. The translation of the relevant verses is as follows:

“Do you not see how God compares a good word to a good tree? Its root is firm and its branches are in the sky, it yields its fruit each season with its Lord’s permission—God makes such comparisons for people, in order that they may take heed.” (The Quran, 14:24-25)

The tree is a unique phenomenon of Nature; moreover, the tree sets an example for man. It is required of man that he translate this tree culture into human life. This culture implies being deep-rooted, vastly spread out, and at all times giving out benefits.

A good man is one who is like a good tree. What is a tree? A tree begins from a seed, then it turns into a plant, then a strong trunk, then branches and leaves, and then flowers and fruits. A stone cannot grow, but a tree continually grows till it becomes completely lush green with many fine attributes, as referred to in the above Quranic verse.

The same is required of men and women. All men and women must develop themselves like a tree. Where the tree develops itself in physical terms, men and women must develop the same qualities in terms of morality.

Every human being should firmly establish himself on his roots; he should be strong like a tree trunk, he should have a vibrant character like the leaves, he should prove himself fruitful for society, he should convey to people positive vibrations of life, just as a tree supplies fresh oxygen to man, and he should provide shelter to his fellow human beings.

A green tree makes our world beautiful. Without trees, our Earth would be barren. A tree is a giver member of our world. It gives everything but on a unilateral basis. For example, a tree continuously supplies fresh oxygen but it never sends the bill for it. Similar behaviour is required of both men and women.

Men and women must live in their society as giver persons. They must adopt this culture on a unilateral basis. They must live in their society in such a manner that society may always benefit from them. Like this, men and women can make their society like a beautiful garden.

Source: Quranic Wisdom

According to the Quran, wisdom is of the greatest value for a human being. There is a verse in Chapter al-Baqarah that states: “Whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted abundant wealth” (2: 269). This verse means that wisdom is summum bonum or the greatest good. Wisdom ensures success, while the lack of it signals failure. I have tried to understand what wisdom is from the Quran and Hadith, that is, what is the concept of wisdom, as defined in the Quran and the prophetic practice.

After a deep study, I have come to conclude that the definition of wisdom according to the Quran is the ability to discover the relevant by sorting out the irrelevant. After studying the life of the Prophet of Islam, I have realized that the best title for him is that he was a ‘Prophet of Wisdom’. In 1978 the American author Dr. Michael Hart wrote a book with the title, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. In this book, he ranked the Prophet Muhammad as the greatest achiever in entire human history. But Dr. Hart does not explain in his book the reason for Prophet’s super achievement. I have discovered through my study that the reason for Prophet’s success was his application of Quranic wisdom to the situations he faced. The Prophet experienced various kinds of situations and in every situation, he adopted Quranic wisdom. I will give some examples to illustrate how the Prophet applied this wisdom.

Source: Quranic Wisdom

The formula for Quranic spirituality is expressed thus in a Quranic chapter: “Become men of God.” (The Quran, 3:79)

Becoming a man of God means adopting a God-oriented life. The God-oriented way of life is a complete way of life. It calls for the use of all human faculties. It means God-oriented thinking, God-oriented speech, God-oriented behaviour, God-oriented morality, etc.

God-oriented life is another term for spiritual life. In this verse, the Quran uses the word ‘al-rabbani’. It means a spiritual person or a rab-oriented person. In fact, Islam is a religion of spirituality. It is a discipline that can be explained in terms of reason. Islamic spirituality is based on thinking.

Islamic spirituality is based on contemplation rather than meditation. It is mind-based rather than heart-based: it arises from the awakening of the intellectual faculty. When you think about the truth and you discover it, then you become a spiritual person.

When you ponder over the world around you, when your thinking goes beyond your immediate surroundings; you discover the truth that is beyond you, beyond time and space. You become conscious of yourself as well as your Creator. This is the beginning of the spiritual process in your personality and this process will continue to evolve.

Islamic spirituality is, in essence, God-centred and not self-centred. When you discover your Creator, you instantly establish communication between yourself and your Creator. It is like establishing a connection between the electric bulb in your room and the powerhouse situated outside your room. Just as the electric connection illuminates your room, so also does the divine connection illuminate your whole personality. Then you become a ‘rabanni’, or a man of God.

Source: Quranic Wisdom

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011


Youth is full of aspirations. One needs to learn the art of controlling one's desires. Most young people follow their whims and fancies, often with undesirable results. They hanker after things which they think are important in life, but they are mistaken in their belief. Glamour doesn't last long, but the knowledge they acquire will stand them in good stead all through life.


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