Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
It is man's quest to find the universal principles of life or the supreme reality. In this sense, man is a born seeker - a veritable truth-seeking animal. Every human being regards himself as incomplete until he has found that supreme principle and the ideology of truth by which he can explain his existence in this world and discover the purpose and meaning of his life. This inquisitive nature to find answers to the ideology of life is due to man's urge to come to grips with reality-an urge such as is found in every human being, the difference between one individual and another being only one of degree: in some, the urge is weak, in others it is strong. Everyone is a seeker. True. But few are finders to the universal principles and the ideology of life. Why? Because, where seeking is instinctive, finding is the outcome of one's own conscious effort.

I believe that the questions may be many - but the answer is only one - a reason-based understanding of the plan that God has created us with. Indeed, the journey of a seeker begins with the urge to search for the truth. When a seeker discovers the truth and learns the creation plan of the Creator, his life enters a new phase, i.e. that of the building of the human personality according to spiritual principles.


Man is born with an inquisitive nature. Being endowed with a reasoning faculty, he cannot help but question the activities and phenomena that take place around him. Seekers make a conscious effort to find the universal principles of life and answers to the questions pertaining to the ideology of life such as Who am I? , Where did I come from? Does God exist? Do I need a God? What is the purpose of my life? What is the importance of my mind? Why do I have so many desires? Is my life governed by destiny or free will? Why is there suffering in the world? Where will I go when I leave this world? Does the hereafter exist? How do I achieve salvation? etc. Although the questions are many, we believe that there is only one answer - a reason-based understanding of the Creation Plan of God, which will enable us to understand man's purpose in life. The CPS is making every possible effort to help seekers rationally find answers to questions pertaining to the ideology of life and to explain scientifically the concept of monotheism, the concept of the hereafter and the creation plan of God.

When an individual is thus trained in spiritual principles and he gains a rational understanding of the creation plan of God, his life enters a new phase - that of the building of a positive personality in consonance with the Creator's spiritual principles - another name for which is God-oriented living. The fact of the matter is that any kind of success - be it the achievement of peace, positivity, spirituality, success in this life or salvation - depends upon living a God-oriented life - with God as the Giver and man purely as the receiver. Just as the earth is the sun's satellite and its existence would have no meaning without this relationship, in the same way, all of man's activities should be God-oriented rather than self-oriented. The essence of the issue is that just as all other creatures of the world are compelled by their nature to live a God-oriented life, man, of his own free will, should surrender to God and build his life based on his Creator's universal principles. This consciousness is the real ascension of man. In this consciousness lies the secret of all success. A creature living a God-oriented life is a peaceful and spiritual person. When such individuals are created in large numbers, it will result in a peaceful society.

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