Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Soulveda | December 19, 2023

Depression is a common problem in modern times. Both the rich and the poor suffer from it. According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the leading causes of disease in the world. Many solutions have been prescribed for the problem of depression but have proved to be ineffective. They may offer temporary relief but fail to resolve the problem permanently.

Meditation is often advised to treat this problem of depression. But meditation focuses on the heart, and the modern scientific age has discarded this solution. Science has established that the heart is merely an organ that pumps blood, whereas depression is a mental problem. It is the mind that controls the heart and not vice versa. Depression is non-physical and the heart is physical. How can a physical organ resolve a non-physical problem?

We also often hear about physical techniques to counter depression. However, the reach of physical techniques is confined to the body and does not extend to the mind. How can these physical techniques then address the issues of the mind?

Depression is the result of non-acceptance of reality. The real solution to this problem is the acceptance of reality. While non-acceptance creates the problem, acceptance of reality will solve it.

Our world is a world of freedom, competition, challenge, and clash of interests. This nature of human life is bound to create problems. No one is exempted from this process. This being so, there is only one formula for de-stressing–learn the art of stress management rather than trying to eliminate the stress.

A person may become sad upon facing a loss in business or feeling discriminated against at work. He may give in to anxiety and frustration if he suffers a loss in an election, or if his love marriage turns into a problem marriage, or if he is offended by criticism. In all such cases, a person becomes negative because of being unaware of the real cause. He attributes the cause to another person and holds this person responsible for his difficulties. He fails to realize that all these instances are due to the law of nature. If you attribute the cause of the problem to the law of nature laid down by the Creator, it will arouse no negativity, but when you attribute it to a person, it brings on negative thinking. This is because the law of nature is not your rival, whereas another person is your competitor.

When you attribute the cause of your problem to a person who is your rival, it will invariably arouse negative thoughts and lead you to anger. But when you attribute the cause to the law of nature because the law of nature is not your rival and equal in its treatment of all, it will lead to introspection.

When you follow nature-based thinking instead of person-based thinking, you will try to discover its wisdom and will realize that whatever has happened is actually for your betterment. The purpose of this occurrence was to activate your mind and enhance its creativity. It was a means of developing a realistic approach, fostering incentive, making you realize your mistake and helping you to re-plan along the correct lines.

When this thought comes to you, your mind will automatically change from the negative to the positive. You will be grateful towards the law of nature for bestowing this blessing in disguise. What transpired was for your benefit and not to your detriment. This thought will eliminate your stress and you will be able to live with a normal mind. This is the only method of de-stressing. There is no other technique or method that can help de-stress the mind.

Source: Living in Hope

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