The Garden of Paradise

In the book The Garden of Paradise the author explains that God has created an ideal world called Paradise. It is a world of everlasting joy and bliss. It is a trouble-free world of infinite blessings, where one will experience neither death, boredom nor grief. Everybody is searching for an invisible Paradise. But it is not found on earth. God has reserved it for the next world. Who will find entry into Paradise? Only those who perform heavenly actions on earth will be deserving of it. God has divided our lives into two parts: a short period on earth, and the rest eternal part in the hereafter. This world is for action. The next world is for reaping the rewards of our actions. To test man God has given him freedom here. God is also getting a record of man’s actions made through His Angels. On the Day of Judgement these records will be laid bare and God will judge each person. Those found through their actions by God Almighty to be deserving of Paradise, will be given it in the next eternal world.

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