Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management


The Conflict Resolution for Peace-Building Program trains participants in realistic approaches to conflict management and peace-building. After completing the Conflict Resolution for Peace-Building Program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand that differing interests are a natural part of globalized societies. In the present age of opportunities explosion all opportunities are available for everyone. There is, therefore, no need to indulge in conflicts over differing interests to gain one’s ends.
  • They must first strive to prevent conflicts by following principles like not provoking the egos of others and nipping conflicts in the bud.
  • When conflicts do occur, we need to manage them by arriving at amicable settlements through difference management, winning over one’s opponents, and peaceful negotiations.
  •  They must develop skills to become mediators, negotiators, and peacebuilders.

Thousands of graduates of the program are able to manage and resolve conflicts by following these principles. Conflict Resolution Program



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