Daily Quote

The Incentive Spoon

It is commonly believed that one born into a wealthy family is fortunate, while one born into a poor family is unfortunate. This is a fallacy. A person is privileged no matter what the circumstances are. Even if one is not born with the proverbial silver spoon in one’s mouth, one still has the ‘incentive spoon’!

The End Result

The perpetrator of violence invariably suffers from remorse, while the peacemaker derives great satisfaction from his efforts. If one were to think of the end result, one would never indulge in violence.

Peace: A Positive Behaviour

Peace is the product of a positive mental attitude, while violence is the result of negative thinking. Peace is the natural state of society; violence is an unnatural state. When peaceful conditions prevail in a society all activities take place in their proper form. But if the atmosphere of peace is disturbed, the normal functioning of society is disrupted. This law applies to man, as well as to the entire universe.

On Determination

 A determined person is able to face the challenges of life; while a person devoid of this quality does not have the courage to face the challenges of life. It is only when one is able to face the challenges of life can one achieve success in life.

Controlling Anger

Anger is the major reason for relationships going sour. Anger stokes a quarrel which then begets hatred. And hatred eventually leads to evil. Anger is a natural phenomenon. The only solution to anger is to control it.

The Truth

Each of our steps should be based on realities and not on wishful thinking or vague suppositions.

Those Who Succeed

The people who ultimately succeed are those who are undaunted by disadvantageous circumstances, who waste no time in lamenting over them.


People have to be patient with one another, putting other’s needs before their own, thinking of the good of others rather than what they themselves desire. It is through the sacrifice of individuals that there can be such a thing as concerted effort.

A Principle of Life

One should always confine one’s activities to one’s own sphere. For if you infringe on the sphere of others, you are sure to clash with them: your progress will come to an abrupt halt.

Looking Beyond

When we find one road closed, we should not despair, for if in one particular field there seems to be a discouraging lack of opportunities, one can certainly search for and find opportunities in some other field.