Daily Quote

On Facing Problems

Problems are a part of nature. We have no option but to accept this natural course. So, when you face a problem, do not be negative. Do not develop tension. Simply ignore the problem and avail the opportunities that accompany it.

Ignore the Problems

The quantum of opportunities will be more than the quantum of problems. This being so, the best course to adopt is to ignore the problems and divert one’s energy to availing of the opportunities which are always there.


The conciliatory approach always minimises the problem, while the confrontational approach aggravates matters, leaving the initial problem unsolved. 

Success and Failure

According to the law of nature, everyone is bound to experience success and failure. We must face both the situations with a normal mind and accept both the states as being in the usual course of things. 

Watch your Words!

The tongue is like a double-edged sword. Its right use can create the spirit of love, while its wrong use creates hatred and intolerance in society.

Moral Sensitivity

Conscience is the strongest check against wrongdoing. Anyone who wants to live as an honest person must keep a guard upon his conscience or moral sensitivity. Nothing else can guarantee his personal morality.


A man who has made a mistake can completely erase the marks by admitting his mistake and begging forgiveness. It is only he who has learned the art of moral introspection will, in the long run, prove himself a person of inviolable integrity.

Indicators for Character

A thoughtless remark, an unfair manoeuvre, a failure to give much-needed sympathy or support, a devious transaction—all these are plain indicators of the lack of integrity of the person you are dealing with.


Depression is only a temporary phase of life. Depression is like a tedious journey. During this journey, you may be tired or bored, but when you reach your destination, you experience happiness and satisfaction.


There is a saying “If all think alike, no one thinks very much." This aptly explains the value of difference. Diversity, and not uniformity is part of the scheme of nature.