Daily Quote

On Achieving Goals

Those who have some goal or the other before them, never allow themselves to become enmeshed in futile things because that would mean being diverted from their objective. A purposeful man always looks ahead to the future—straightforward and not towards right or left. He always thinks of long-lasting consequences. He looks at things not from the point of view of personal desires and whims, but from the point of view of reality.

No Short-cuts

There is no doubting the fact that failure in life usually results from the quest for immediate success. The word “short-cut” may be applicable to the world of roads and footpaths, but there are no short-cuts in the struggles of life. This fact frequently evinces itself in untoward ways.

Ease Always Comes After Hardship

In this world just as ease always follows hardship, so fruitful results come only from arduous, painstaking processes. We should be prepared for a period of hard struggle before we can expect to reap the results we desire.

On Wishful Thinking

Our steps should be based on realities and not on wishful thinking or vague suppositions. If we do not pay need to the realities of existence and plan our lives accordingly, we shall have the illusion that we are heading towards a bright future and splendid results, whereas, when the next moment of darkness arrives, we shall discover that, all along, we had been heading towards darkness.

A Secret of Life

The secret of life is not to stand in a person’s way. If one does not make oneself a target for another’s vengeance but lets everyone continue pursuing his own goal in life, then one is not going to find one’s own path blocked by others.