Daily Quote

Peaceful Person

A peaceful person is one whose inner self is so deeply immersed in peace that no outward event can disturb his emotional balance. He takes pity on those who are easily angered. Where ordinary people become provoked, he remains blissfully serene.

Unrealistic Thinking

Unrealistic thinking is that which does not take the actual state of affairs into account, which is based on suppositions and conjecture, on mere opinion, rather than on fact.

Forgive When Angry

The Quran makes it clear that a strong, adverse, emotional reaction such as anger does not befit the true believer, and instead cites the quality of forgiveness as a mark of excellence: “When they become angry, they are forgiving.” (42:37 The Quran)

Healthy Society

It is only when the individual is willing to step down in favour of higher principles that society as a whole can benefit. The sacrifice of the individual is the price to be paid for the glory of the nation.

Principles of Islam

All the teachings of Islam are based on two basic principles—worship of God and service of men. Without putting both these principles into practice, there can be no true fulfilment of one’s religious duties.


Peace is the outcome of co-existence. And peaceful co-existence is the only way of existence on this planet. This is the lesson we learn from history. Either we co-exist or cease to exist. There is simply no other option.

Freedom of Expression

Any institution, nation, state which places curbs on freedom of expression will be ultimately brimming with hypocrites. In such an atmosphere sincere people can never be produced.

Islamic Spirituality

Islam is a scheme of spiritual development. Its goal is to establish direct communion between God and man in order that man may become the recipient of divine inspiration. In such a religion it is moderation which is of the utmost importance, not extremism or fundamentalism. It is peace which is of the utmost importance and not violence.

The Best Behaviour

According to a saying of the Prophet of Islam, the best person is one who, in his encounters with others, always has good things to say to them. He is beneficent to all, giving them gifts to bring them happiness.

Islam and Helping Others

Islam is a religion of humanity. Islam considers serving others as a great act of worship. According to the teachings of Islam, it is only in serving and helping people that we shall have a share in God’s mercy.