Daily Quote

Life Management

It is essential that man should have within his reach, a super formula for life’s management. God provides just such a formula—a complete principle for life’s management.

True Believer

The true believer is one who leads his life in the sphere appointed for him by God. It is those who unswervingly pursue the course set for them by their Creator, will share God’s blessings in this world as well as His eternal blessings in the Hereafter.

Faith of a Believer

Faith should be absorbed in a person like dye dissolved in water. Just as the emotions of love and hate are felt by the whole body so, when one adopts Islam in the real sense of the world, it should become an issue affecting one’s whole existence.

Overcoming Helplessness

The nature of every human being constantly urges him or her to recognize the need for God. Without God, our lives cannot be complete. Without the help of God, we cannot succeed in life.

Man’s Support

In this vast universe, man’s only source of support is God. It is by God’s guidance that man’s ship is brought safely to the shore. Belief in God is the most important thing for man. Man is nothing without this belief.


When a man opts for the path of violence to solve his problems, he slides down the slippery slope towards perdition. He makes it all too clear that he is suspect as a human being.

Does God Exist?

If we deny God, we shall have to deny our own selves. Since we cannot countenance our own denial, we cannot countenance God’s denial either. Everyone who believes in his own existence is logically compelled to say, “I exist, therefore, God exists.”

An Idle Mind: A Devil’s Workshop

A person with no sense of commitment is only living on the fringes of existence. He is out of touch with reality and will soon lapse into utter degeneracy. No really superior being has ever been found among the ranks of the idle. As the old saying goes, the Devil finds work for idle hands.

No Complaint

To complain about things is a fruitless exercise. If one wants to complain, one is sure to find plenty to complain about in life. The wise way is to forget the unpleasant things which are a part and parcel of life, bury grudges, and carry on seeking to fulfill one’s true purpose in life.