Daily Quote

Proceeding with Caution

In this competitive world, those who want concessions will always find themselves in the back seat. It is only those who make every effort to earn excellent qualifications will ever come to the fore.

Jewel in the Crown

Perseverance is a virtue which can be practiced at all times, even by one who is crippled by a disease, and even by one who has failed to get a degree from a university.

Law of Nature

For life as a whole, disparateness is actually a great blessing: the good points of one man may compensate for the shortcomings of another.

Wisdom of Life

Where interests are in conflict, one should accept the possible, instead of engaging in futile hostilities over the issue of ideal justice. Such efforts will lead to nothing but further loss.


One will only be treated as an enemy if that is how one sees others. If one does not view others with animosity, they are more likely to be amicable in return. 

Say No to Double Standards

Double standards are a perpetual obstacle to personality development. Such people are devoid of sincerity. They are not controlled by firm principles but by immediate gain. Their behaviour is interest-based rather than principle-based.

Spirit of Mutual Consultation

The best form of consultation is that in which one seeks others' advice, while endeavouring to share their experiences. A man who never consults anyone else is only half a man. While a man who does consult others becomes a whole human being.

Sensitivity Serves as Inner Check

Conscience is the strongest check against wrongdoing. Anyone who wants to live as an honest person or as a man of character, must keep a guard upon his conscience or moral sensitivity. Nothing else can guarantee one's personal morality.