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Fasting Symbolizes that Man is at God’s Disposal

The outward form of fasting is to abstain from food and water. This abstinence symbolizes that man is at God’s disposal. He should, be willing, at all times, to sacrifice anything for His sake, even if it involves relinquishing such basic necessities as food and water.

Fasting and Patience

Fasting by its nature, is an act of patience. Patience means patiently bearing the difficulties and hardships faced in the process of carrying out God’s commandments. One becomes God’s obedient servant at the price of patience. 

Observe Fast in its Essence

One who observes fasting in its essence as well as in its outward form, will deserve the promised reward. On the other hand, one who attaches importance to symbols alone, will have nothing to his credit when he comes before God.

Fasting Applies Brake to Human Desires

The aim of fasting for man is to apply a brake on his desires so that he may stick to the desirable deeds in this world. Symbolically speaking, the position of fasting is akin to applying brakes to the engine in human life.

Fasting Brings Man to the Abode of Peace

When a person has elevated himself from the world by observing fast, God endows him with wisdom, which emanates from his lips. He is shown the ills of the world, and their remedies. He is brought safely to the abode of peace.

Aim of Fasting

The aim of fasting during Ramadan is to diminish a person's dependence on material things, so that he may elevate himself to a higher plane of devout living.

Fasting Inculcates Moral Restraint

Fasting inculcates in man the necessity to abstain at all costs from anti-social activities, and from all ungentlemanly words and deeds. He is thus brought to a life of moral restraint in this world.

Fasting Evokes Piety

While fasting, a person’s heart tells him that by observing a fast he has pledged himself to piety and in view of that, he cannot contemplate any evil action.