Human life can be likened to an iceberg, a very tiny part of which is visible, while the rest remains submerged. By analogy, the human lifespan is divided into two parts: the first, the infinitesimal part runs its course in this world, while by far the greater part unfolds in the Hereafter.

Nothing that we can experience in this world will ever match the extremes of agony and the bliss of life after death. The sole aim of our earthly existence should be to strive for success in the life to come. It is because life in this world is intended to be a testing ground that the world of the Hereafter remains beyond our reach.

This world, like everything else in the universe, can only be complete with its counterpart. The counterpart of this world is the Hereafter. For those who have forgotten the next world, this life is certainly just a tragedy; but for those who look forward to the life to come, and build for the Hereafter in the present life, this world will become an invaluable step towards a new, more successful, existence in the next world.

Life looks meaningless when seen without the Hereafter. It becomes meaningful with the addition of the life to come.




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