Take time as an opportunity. Avail of time before it passes away forever. If you miss the train of time, you will never be able to catch it again. Avail of the opportunities of the day that you will not get during the night, and avail of the opportunities of the night that you will not get during the day.

The fact is that in every situation there are problems, but at the same time there are opportunities. This is a law of nature. But it is also a law of nature that the quantum of opportunities will be more than the quantum of problems. This being so, the best course to adopt is to ignore the problems and divert one’s energy to availing of the opportunities.

So when you face a problem, don’t be negative. Be normal. Don’t be disturbed. Don’t allow tension to develop in your mind. Simply assess the situation and, by avoiding the problem, try to discover the opportunities. Believe with complete conviction that there are enormous opportunities waiting for you—either hidden or open. So, set about discovering them, using all your mental powers and energy.




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