Dawah: The Mission of Muslim Ummah

In the book Dawah: The Mission of the Muslim Ummah, the author Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that today, the Muslim ummah, by and large, is sunk deep in negative thinking. This is only because of its degenerated mindset. In line with its negative thinking, it has wrongly come to think of other communities as enemies. For some Muslims, this view is held at the level of thought, while others, driven by this mindset, are engaged in violence. This is certainly a very dangerous signal, which had been predicted centuries ago by the Prophet.

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life explains the Creation Plan of God. The Creation Plan regarding life, which we have been told of by God through His prophets, is that the Creator has created man as an eternal creature, with the first brief span of his life in the pre-death period and the rest of his life—a much longer period—in the post-death period. According to this plan, God created man and settled him in the present world, on the planet earth. God gave man the opportunity to stay here without applying any curbs on his freedom.