Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Sunday Guardian | June 03, 2018

Someone once said to the renowned Indian scientist, Sir C.V. Raman that the discoveries which scientists have made were not really the achievement of scientists; they were the result of chance. "That is true," Dr Raman replied, "but chance of this nature only happens to scientists."

Discovery essentially comes from concentration of mind. The more one focuses one's attention on a particular subject, the more enlightened one becomes in it. One becomes involved in it night and day. Thus, one develops a close mental affinity for it.

Scientific discoveries usually result from the familiarity which one develops with a certain subject by concentrating on it entirely. A slight allusion is enough for one to grasp a whole topic. Discovery is usually progression from a partial truth to an absolute one. Such progression is only possible for those who are already engrossed in their subject and have become familiar with every side of it.

What is true of scientific discovery is also true of spiritual discovery. God is also a discovery for a person. But only one who is engrossed in God can make such a discovery.

Discovery of God comes from concentrating on God, from seeing with divine vision and hearing with divine ears. When one turns away from all else and turns towards God alone, then time and time again will one experience the discovery of God. The sight of the wonders of nature, the study of the history of man, contemplation of one's own being - everything in the world will make one think of God; everything will turn one's mind towards the Supreme Reality. One will see His glory everywhere. Only those who abide in God can discover Him. Discovery of God is a gift that cannot be granted to those who are attached to other things besides Him.

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