Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Maulana Wahiduddln Khan | The Sunday Guardian | June 7, 2015

Man is born as a living creature. After taking birth he passes through different relationships. First, the family relationship which is based on blood, second comes the social relationship which is based on environmental requirements, and then professional relationships which are based on worldly interests, and so on. It its while going through these processes that a person reaches the age of maturity.

This is, however, only one aspect of man, which is the product of his circumstances. In another words, this is animal level of life. Any man or woman who dies at this level, dies as an animal, without having attained the human level of life.

The other kind of man is a man in the true sense of the word. This man may be called a self-made man. This man is one who utilises his mind. He discovers himself; he discovers his Creator; he discovers all those blessings given to him in the form of life-support system; he discovers the purpose of his life. This is the man who stands on self-discovered reality.


After reaching maturity, every man and woman discovers that they are born with unlimited desires, but are able to fulfil them in a very partial sense. They want to live forever, but die at an early age of seventy years or so. How can this contradiction be explained?

After objective study and sincere contemplation, man discovers that the present world is a temporary abode for him. His permanent habitat lies in some other world. He discovers that for him the planet earth is like a nursery is for a plant, while the other world is his permanent habitat.

The most important task for every human being is to prepare himself according to the creation plan of the Creator. His target must be to gain entry to the coming habitat, and thus he must prepare himself to become a deserving candidate for this eternal habitat.

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