Islam is a religion of peace. Contemporary instances of Muslims resorting to violence in the name of their religion is, according to Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, in complete contrast to Islamic teachings. In the book Non-Violence and Peace-Building in Islam he presents the approach to conflict-prevention, conflict-resolution and peace-building outlined in the Quran and the life of the Prophet. A common thread running through these essays is the assertion that one should differentiate between Islam and Muslims: one should judge Muslims in the light of Islamic teachings and not vice versa. The book explains that whenever a difficult situation arises, the right course is not to take immediate action but to stop and reflect patiently on the possible consequences of one’s response. Those who choose to react by making an immediate emotional response can only cause an exacerbation of their difficulties. On the other hand, those who adopt a well-considered approach will certainly find ways and means of converting problems into opportunities for improving the situation that they are faced with. There is great wisdom in engaging in this sort of result-oriented planning. The author prays that God makes this book a means for bringing about the needed transformation in people’s minds and helps them understand the importance of peace. 

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