Book Reviews

Leading A Spiritual Life by Zara Khalil

Jihad, Peace, And Inter-Community Relations in Islam by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

The True Jihad Review by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

An Islamic Treasury of Virtues by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmed Sikander

Paradise: The Final Phase of Human Civilization

Love of God: Making God One’s Supreme Concern

Aurat Memaar-e-Insaniyat Review by Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray

Women in Islamic Shariah Reviewed by Dr Tauseef Ahmad Parray

Review on Leading a Spiritual Life, by Roshan Shah

A Lucid Translation of the Quran. By Yoginder Sikand

The Moral Vision | Reviewed by Roshan Shah 

The Age of Peace | Reviewed by: Teresa Joseph fma | New Age Islam

Sawaal-o-Jawaab (‘Questions and Answers’) (vol. 1) (Urdu)

Cow Culture

Leading a Spiritual Life by Maulana

Name of the Book: Non-Violence and Peace-Building in Islam

Name of the Book: Leading a Spiritual Life

Review of "PoliticalInterpretation of Islam"

Jihad, Peace and Inter-Community Relations in Islam

Brief review of The Age of Peace, by Thomas W. Morgan

Book Review: The True Face of Islam

Book Review: The age of peace by Vishal Bheeroo

The Age of Peace – Championing the cause of peace

Peace is Prerequisite to Justice: The Age of Peace Book Review by Roshan Dalal

امن كا دور

Age Of Peace

Fatal Lure

God-oriented Living and the Ideology of Peace

Peace Is the Core Constituent of All Kinds of Positive and Constructive Activities

A Spiritual Magazine with a Difference

Much-Needed Articulation of an Islamic Understanding of Inter-Community Harmony

Islam and world peace

Matters of faith, peace and war