The Quran (4:128) describes a particular natural law in the following words: ‘Reconciliation is best’ (as-sulh khair). The word sulh means reconciliation. In the event of a conflict between two parties, they can engage in violent confrontation. But there is another method they can choose: to immediately come to an agreement and end their conflict. This is what reconciliation is about.

Patience or Sabr is not defeatism nor is it a passive attitude. Patience means to think over issues in a cool and calm manner—without resorting to reaction, to resentment, to hate or, to revenge. It is engaging in positive planning. At the very outset, this was told to the Prophet. How amazing! The Quran (4:128) also says as-sulh khair or ‘reconciliation is best’. Sulh means ‘peace’, and as-sulh khair indicates that a peaceful settlement of disputes is the best. This clearly indicates the importance of the peaceful method in Islam.

All principles of Islam, including as-sulh khair, have a particular application and a general application. This pattern is evident throughout the Quran. The way of Islam is to speak of a general principle through a particular reference. This concept has been used again and again in the Quran with different wordings. For example, in a verse the Quran says, “As long as they act straight with you, act straight with them.” (The Quran, 9:7) Here, “straight” means to be peaceful.



It is un-Islamic to consider reconciliation as cowardice. If we opine so, what will we think about Prophet Muhammad? There is no other instance in history where reconciliation was done by unilaterally accepting the terms of the opposing party. This is an extreme example of reconciliation. Mr. Sajid Anwar told of an instance where the distribution of the Quran to non-Muslims was being discussed. An attendee interrupted the discussion and raised the question that if a non-Muslim disrespects the Quran and throws away the copy, who would be liable for punishment? In response, another attendee cited an instance whereby, a dawah contingent was sent to King of Iran. A companion took that document, which had Quranic verses. When he gave it to the King, he tore it away. So, the attendee asked who would be accountable in this case. This is no logic. It is misguidance from Satan so that Muslims refrain from doing dawah work. Reconciliation is not cowardice, it is wisdom and according to Quran it is the best way!


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