Creation Plan of God

God created this world as a 'testing ground' for man. What is the reason for this test?

THIS test of life is not a test for its own sake. It is a measure of each ones response to the situations and challenges we face in our lives and identify those deserving of eternal life in heaven. Looked at from this perspective, this world is one of opportunities.

The attributes of the denizens of heaven are described in detail in the Quran and the books of Hadith. A person who is considered deserving of heaven is someone who acknowledges the Truth and is characterized by positive thinking in the complete sense of the term. He does not create any nuisance for others, remains a peaceful member of society, deeply and genuinely concerned about the welfare of all. Modesty and honesty is his second nature.

Those living in this world and yet are able to display such divine characteristics are the ones who will be selected to enter and settle for eternity in Paradise.

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