Islam and the Modern Age

There can be no doubt that Islam, in essence, is the discovery of such divine guidance as shows man the path to lasting success in the Hereafter. Scientific and industrial developments may not be directly related to the aims and objectives of Islam, but it is nevertheless an indisputable fact that they are significant offshoots of the Islamic revolution. Had the Islamic revolution never seen the light of day, scientific and industrial developments remained unrealised. The primary purpose of a tree is to bear fruit. However, when it is fully grown, it also gives man shade. The same is the case with Islam. The primary purpose of Islam is to open the door of divine guidance for human beings to come closer to their Lord. However, Islam is a complete truth. Moreover, when such truth reveals itself, it becomes the source of all blessings for humanity—directly and indirectly¬- but it also gives guidance, which is of great practical utility. The present era, which we think of as modern and advanced—the age of science and industry, freedom and equality—is a direct consequence of this aspect of the Islamic revolution, which is called a blessing in the Quran. Like most other significant historical developments, this period gradually culminated over almost a thousand years.

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