Islamic Principle of Social Harmony

Both biological and historical studies show that women have been specially gifted with qualities required for the establishment of social harmony. In the Muslim case, this potential of women has never been properly realized because of the failure to institutionalize their role in Muslim society.

Had Muslim women been trained to perform this task, they would have been able to play this role far more effectively, and on a far greater scale. The need of the hour today is to institutionalize this role and give proper training to women so that this capability with which women have been so abundantly endowed by nature may be fully harnessed. Once this feminine potential has been realized, the world will definitely be a better place for all to live in.

Video Transcript
Video Transcript

The Prophet of Islam said: Copy Arabic text (Musnad Ahmad 7086) A true believer is one by whose hands and tongue people are safe. 
This is the Islamic principle: Live in society in such way that no one experiences harm due to your actions or words. This will create harmony in society. 
A hadith says: Copy Arabic text (Sahih al-Bukhari 6016) By God, he is not a believer whose neighbour is not safe from his evil. 
What does this mean?
One who creates problems for his neighbours is not a true Muslim. One who creates problems automatically excludes himself from Islam. This is indeed a great teaching. If you live in a family, society or country, wherever you be, it is God's obligation upon you to not create problems for others. You must live as a no-problem person. If in a society, people consider this principle as part of their religion, then that society will be marked by social harmony, and nothing else.  There will be peace and harmony everywhere.

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