Lessons from History

After the second World War, both Germany and Japan tried to re-develop their countries which had been devastated by war. For this purpose a peaceful environment was necessary. But there were problems. For example, Germany had lost the eastern part of its land. This was true also of Japan, which had lost its strategic island of Okinawa. But both accepted the status quo.

Without attempting to change the existing state of affairs, they began to execute their plan of re-constructing their countries by using the resources within their control. Both proved to be successful and achieved a high standard of development within a short period of time.

Accept the status quo and try to achieve your goal by peaceful planning. This is the way to achieve any goal, spiritual or material. Undoubtedly peace is the summum bonum, but to establish peace, the law of nature must be followed. Peace provides the basis for performing all activities and is not the result of these activities.

Peace is like the soil. Without the soil there can be no plants . Similarly, without peace there can be no social development.

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