Organ Donation Day

The development that has taken place in the science of surgery has shown that some parts of the human body can be transplanted in another human body. If the eye of a dead person is taken out immediately after his death, it can be transplanted in the eye socket of a blind person and he may gain his sight.

Basic guidelines, not details, regarding these matters are given in the Quran and Hadith. Islam gives us a principle that applies to this subject as well. That is, “everything is lawful unless it is declared unlawful.” In the light of this Islamic principle, we can safely say that the donation of any organ is permissible in Islam, for the Shariah has not held it unlawful.

Then there is another principle in Islam known as sadaqa-jaria, i.e. the perpetuation of a charitable deed. The benefits of this kind of charity are long-lasting. The good effect of a transplanted eye will endure long after the donor’s death. Such acts, far from incurring God’s displeasure, will bring the donor divine rewards.

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