The Concept of Spirituality in Islam

Spiritual science, in developing the mind, enables one to analyze matters in an objective manner. In complex issues, it is an aid to right judgement. It helps one to view things in such a way that mental confusion is dispelled and one can think with total clarity. If heartbased spirituality was no more than thoughtless ecstasy, mind-based spirituality has emerged as a fine-tuned form of high thinking. Spiritual science has evolved in the same way as the science of the solar system. In the early centuries man had given credence to the geocentric theory. As a result, no development in this science was possible. In modern times, however, man’s thinking altered sufficiently for the heliocentric theory to be formulated, as a result of which solar science became a developed discipline. The same change in thinking took place in the case of spiritual science. In the pre-scientific period, people believed in heart-based spirituality, so that there could be no furtherance of the imparting of spiritual discipline. The scientific age being an age of mind-based spirituality, endless scope for spiritual advancement has opened up.

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