The Spirit of Ramadan (Part 2)

The month of Ramazan is an annual reminder of this blessing. The celebration of the revelation of the Quran is not observed in the usual way but by abstinence and being thankful to the Almighty. Fasting in this month is acknowledgment of the divine blessings. It is like saying, ‘O Lord I have heard and I accept it.’

The term Roza (fasting) is of Persian origin. In Arabic, it is known as Sawn meaning abstinence. Therefore, fasting is an exercise aimed at controlling our desires. In other words, it is the Art of Desire Management. Therefore, Roza literally means that every believer, in spite of being filled with desires, leads his life not by following his own whims and doing whatever he feels is correct—be it taking revenge, robbing, cheating indulging in corrupt practices, getting angry or being selfish—because all of these are actually desires; but by leading a life whereby these desires are wilfully managed. The essence of fasting thus is to eschew all evil ways throughout the year. The true fast is that from which one learns a lesson.

Also, this is a month during which the Quran should be read and understood. The Quran is specially recited in this month. At night the Quran is also recited during the Tarawih1 prayer. This month has been made special so that the blessings of God may be counted even more. When the Quran is read during the month of its revelation, it reminds us of the time when divine light from heaven fell upon the earth. Man remembers this and calls out, "O Lord, fill my heart with Your divine light and make me among those who are near you". When he reads about Hell and Paradise, his inner self cries out, 'O Lord, save me from Hell, and let me enter Paradise'.

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