The modern age, in terms of the possibilities that exist today, is an age of peace. But due to people’s unawareness, they are unable to adopt the peaceful method. The opinion makers of society are unaware of the spirit of the age. They still speak as if even today violent struggle is as important for the attainment of a goal as it was earlier. The need of the hour is to tell people that this is the age of peace and share the principles of peace with them. Once they understand the importance of peace, they will start working on peaceful lines.

Peace means the presence of opportunities. That is, the most critical role of peace is that it opens up the door of opportunities, giving each individual the chance to avail of these opportunities and reach their goal.

Opportunities are most important in life. Success can be achieved when one recognizes these opportunities and avails them with wise planning. Therefore, it is essential to establish peace in life at any cost. Peace will open up opportunities, and by availing of these opportunities, one can achieve anything that one wants to achieve. Those who engage in violence demonstrate their unawareness of this law of nature.

Peace is the only culture for both man and the universe. Today everything one wants can be achieved by treading the path of peace.



After the grave disasters of the 1st and 2nd World Wars, global conditions have completely changed. If earlier the age of war prevailed, now it is the age of peace. The question arises as to how peace may be attained. According to the law of nature, peace can be attained only on a unilateral basis, and not on a bilateral basis. This means that first of all, we have to abandon all kinds of confrontational methods such as political activism, protest-based activism, and human rights activism. This kind of unilateralism will establish normalcy, normalcy will then lead to peace and peace will open the door to all kinds of opportunities. Then, by wise planning, we can achieve all those goods that we want in terms of social justice and human rights.

Source: The Age of Peace

The greatest benefit of these modern developments is that for the first time in human history, the age of peace has been ushered in. In earlier periods of human history, bloody battles had to be fought if any end was to be achieved. Everything was decided upon on the battlefield and because of this, a great number of human beings left this world without having performed their due role. In the wake of modern developments, for the first time in human history, it has become possible to achieve any target, great or small, through completely peaceful means.

Through long planning, the Creator brought about a revolution in human history, which brought the age of war to an end. In this way, it had become possible by using peaceful means to attain all ends in a way that was far better than the violent one which achieved nothing of any value.

This is the greatest achievement of the modern age. Those who adopt the method of war and violence in today's age only demonstrate that they are totally unaware of the modern developments of history. This crass ignorance is reflected in their reckless use of arms. By stooping to violence, they have committed the most heinous crime in history.

In such a situation, those who in the twenty-first century have abandoned the peaceful method and opted for the strategy of guns and bombs, are only proving that all they can carve out for themselves and others is a history of death and destruction, and in the Hereafter this verse of the Quran will apply to them: 'Those of you who act thus shall be rewarded with disgrace in this world and with a severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection.' (2:85)

Source: The Age of Peace

The greatest strength of peace is that it allows nature to work. If you want to achieve your goal through war, then you yourself shall have to fight. Peace on the other hand works on its own. If you stop war, peace will prevail. In this case, we only need to give nature a chance. In such a situation, nature starts to have an instant effect. The only condition is that when nature is at work, one must not interfere. Peace works only in an environment of non-interference. When there is interference, this process of nature comes to a halt. Just as after the seed is sown, the tree starts to grow on its own, this is also the greatest strength of peace. Those who understand this inherent power of peace are never confronted by failure.

Through violence, you can cut down a tree, but violence cannot help you to grow a tree. This is true likewise of human life. In the human world, war only leads to destruction. Peace, however, has a positive role. No constructive work can be done if there is violence, whereas peace facilitates constructive work on its own. Peace paves the way for nation-building along healthy lines.

War starts with anger and ends in anger. War does not have any healthy or constructive aspect, neither at the beginning nor at the end. But peace, from A to Z, is a healthy state of affairs. Peace, in every way, leads to a positive result, for it is in keeping with the law of nature. That is why, when a person adopts the peaceful method, the entire world of nature comes to his support. That is why, in terms of result, the Hudaybiyyah Peace Treaty is called a clear victory in the Quran. On the other hand, if a person adopts the violent method, the entire world of nature stands out in opposition to him. In this way, we can understand the strength of peace.

Source: The Age of Peace


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