Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The Sunday Guardian | May 26, 2024

There is a verse in the Quran: “He has subjected whatever is in heaven and on the earth to you; it is all from Him. In that are signs for those who ponder.” (45:13) From this verse of the Quran, we learn that the entire universe has been made for man.

Here the question arises as to what the purpose is of the whole universe being subjected to man. As we know, the vastness of the universe is limitless. Such a limitless universe cannot be man’s habitat. It is also impossible for man to draw spiritual provision from such a great universe. Then what does it mean, or what does it convey, when the Quran says that the entire universe is created for man?

From other verses of the Quran, for instance, the last verses of the third chapter, we learn that the universe was created so that man might reflect upon it. This reflection takes place by employing reason rather than by any physical exercise. From other verses of the Quran, we learn that God’s signs are so numerous that they cannot be counted. It is these innumerable universal signs upon which man may ponder and thus be able to worship his Lord at an elevated level.

It is man alone who has the capability to contemplate in the signs scattered throughout the universe. This contemplation could be done earlier within a traditional framework. Now this process of contemplation has become possible within a scientific framework. In this way, man discovers the boundless greatness of God. He is able to establish the relationship of intense love for and intense fear of God. He is able to conceive of the eternal Paradise of the Hereafter. It is this contemplation which has been described as universal worship.

Source: Discovering the Quran

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