Global Warming and Islam

The United Nations’ panel of 25,000 scientists from 130 countries submitted a detailed report on global warming titled ‘Warning Signs’. The more appropriate title would have been ‘Warning Signs of Doomsday’ as both Quranic revelation and science now confirm that the end of history, Qiyamah, has come very close. God had made this world for a limited period for a test. Now, this time is reaching its end. Now the time has finally come for man to awaken, take lessons from the signs in nature and history, and plan his life in a way that avails him in his post-death period before Doomsday. We have reached the beginning of the end, from which point people will start dying one by one, eventually putting an end to all life on earth. “We are on the edge of the greatest die-off humanity has ever seen. We will be lucky if 20 of us survive what is coming.” Global warming has left the earth in crisis. A recent publication is reporting on global warming from NASA’s top-representatives states, “Earth in Crisis.” ‘Time’ reporting of a Study on the melting of glaciers stated, “Glacier Loss Is ‘Unstoppable.’ Revelation explains that

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