On Death

God, according to His will, created a perfect world called Paradise. A world in accordance with our desires as human beings is free of all limitations and disadvantages, free of fear and pain, and free of all imperfections. An eternal world where there is neither death nor old age. An ideal world where we could achieve complete fulfilment. Less-than-perfect beings cannot inhabit a perfect Paradise. So, God created perfection-seeking beings—us. He intended us to spend a period of trial in this present and imperfect world, and after this, according to our deeds, we will earn the right to inhabit the perfect and eternal world. As part of this test, Paradise is kept hidden from us. This world, therefore, has all the components necessary for a test. It has perfection-seeking beings in a less-than-perfect world: Beings who have been given complete freedom to choose their actions. Thus, we have a choice—we can misuse our freedom to do evil or use our freedom wisely, submit to God, and qualify for Paradise.

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