In the present book, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that God and the Hereafter relate apparently to the unseen world. But the truth is that they are an essential part of human life. God and the Hereafter are known truths innate in man. There are two levels of God realization—the rational and the natural. Believing in the existence of God and the Hereafter at a rational level is only the initial stage of this realization, whereas believing in God and the Hereafter at a natural level is its ultimate stage. Every human being has the vision to comprehend God and the Hereafter, but these matters are obscured by conditioning. The task of logical argument is to break down this conditioning, or mental block, and thus remove the artificial screen from the eye of nature. Then nothing can come in the way of “seeing” God and the Hereafter. Now man is fully convinced of the invisible existence of God, just as a child is fully convinced of the existence of his mother, although he has never seen himself being born of his mother.

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